The edit is complete. Time to send your film out into the world, right?

Hang on there, speedy. You did mix the audio & music and adjust your color, yes? Oh, in the timeline of your editing software? Really? So what is going to set your film apart from the other hundreds made this year?

You’ve come this far with the help and funding of so many people, you owe it to your team and your movie to spend the extra time on color and sound. Don’t put out another micro-budget film with over-warm low-contrast DSLR colors and a few cross fades on your dialogue.

Besides, handing off your creation to another creative person lets you relax for a couple weeks as they do their best to serve your vision. It is liberating, and you deserve a little slack right now anyway before the grind of festivals, marketing, social media and outreach demand your every minute.

What I’m actually saying is that we’ve been busy doing all that post work and maybe it appears that things are quiet over here. Far from it. We are thrilled to be partnering with Splice on our color grading and credits and with Undertone Music on our foley, sound, and music mixing. The teams have been coming up with great looks and great sounds and the very fun credit sequences.

I’m also saying all you other indie filmmakers should find ways to ensure you can work with such talented teams on your movie projects. The benefits are immense (you will learn many new things) and you do deserve a little break once in a while so your brain can focus on the audience-building and distribution.