Sundance 2013 detail
Time to catch you up on a few things, it appears. We’ve been busy.

In mid-January I, Jeremy, spent a week out at the Sundance film festival. Matt and I attended last year and met a lot of people that we’ve stayed in touch with over 2012 and I was able to reconnect with them, as well as meet a whole new group of amazing folks. The iPad was loaded with a rough cut of the film and our EPK and I had a stack of postcards always on my person. It was a busy time of meetings, premieres, snowboarding and maybe a few parties. If you haven’t ever been, you should give it a try. You don’t need to be a big shot famous person to have a good time at Sundance. Heck, I even was interviewed on the street by the IndieFlix team.

Speaking of the rough cut, we had our first test screening last week. It was a small group, more technical in nature, but it was our first sets of outside eyeballs on the movie and it went very well. We learned a lot. Some things we’ll be tweaking, some things we’ll be adding or removing, some things are good as they are. Everybody agreed we had an actual movie, so that’s something (ha ha!), and everybody really loved the soundtrack so far. We’ll be doing another screening for a larger and younger audience next week and look forward to find out how it plays with them. We’ve also submitted to our first couple of film festivals.

Butter City 2013Last week we were also invited to appear on the local TV show “Butter City,” which is all about filmmaking in Minnesota. It was a blast and host Joanna Kohler and her team made us feel very welcome. Look for it in the new season on TPT and online.

In the meantime, there is the Best (or Worst) Prom Photo Contest we are running on our facebook page. You can vote on your favorite submissions and submit your own for chances to win DVDs of the movie and maybe even be featured on-screen in our credit sequence. Post those photos now, we love seeing them.

weloveyoux1000000We love you for all the support you’ve shown so far. Please keep posting on facebook, twitter, google+, or wherever. It helps so much.