The more we do this movie-making thing, the more I’m getting into graphs and statistics. Thankfully filling that desire, our script supervisor, Aleshia, sent over some numbers about the shooting of Death To Prom.

I was stunned to realize we spent almost 200 hours shooting footage on-location (or attempting to shoot, Day 1 was brutal but that is another story). That number seems so big! But when you break it down into a daily format, I was inversely(?) surprised to find that we only spent an average of 10 hours/day at work. This is a pretty big deal in the film world, where 12+ hour days are (seemingly) very common and even expected.

Our shortest two days were about 6.5 hours each, while our longest day was almost exactly 16 hours as we had a retail location for only a single day while they were closed. That day also saw us cover over 11 pages of script! Insanity. It was a great, but draining, day.

Combined data of the video and audio files and some behind-the-scenes stills was almost 400 gigabytes.